What language can I use?

You can use any language you want as long as your bot can be run as a Docker container. Here are some clients we recommend by language:

What is a Slack bot?

A Slack bot is a bot that connects to Slack using the Real Time Messaging API. Slack is a super awesome messaging app for teams. A bot, more generically, is a software application that runs automated tasks over the Internet.

What is Docker?

So glad you asked! Docker is an open platform for building and distributing applications as containers. By using Docker you have full control over how you build your bot, and your bot will be portable such that the same docker image you build locally will run on your laptop, on Beep Boop or anywhere else on Docker.

Can my bot respond to Slash Commands?

As a matter of fact, you can! Slash Commands rely on setting up http webhooks in your project that Slack can make calls to. This is made possible on Beep Boop by having your project be addressable over http.

How do I access my private GitHub repos?

When you go through the on-boarding flow with the @beepboop bot, you only grant Beep Boop access to your public GitHub repos. However, if you go to the Settings page, you can "Disconnect" from GitHub and then choose to Connect with "Private Repos" or just "Public Repos." Private repos are only available to projects on a paid plan.

What does Beep Boop mean?

Beep Boop is the sound a computer or robot makes when it first starts up.

How much does Beep Boop cost?

Choose which subscription plan is right for each Beep Boop project. The smallest plan is free but larger plans provide much more 🤖 🐴 power and features. You are only charged for the time your bot is running and accounted for on a per minute basis. Details are on the Pricing page.

Why do free (Tall) projcts need to be restarted every 7 days?

We want to provide you with the best tools for building for Slack. We want to support your learning, hacking, and experimenting, and we hope if you love Beep Boop, you'll upgrade to a paid plan 🌈. However, some people that start free projects, abandon them 😢. The project run awhile, night and day, waiting for their owner to return, waiting, crying, running. Autostopping projects every 7 days allows us to put these projects out of their misery and reclaim the resources so that we may better serve the next well intended lady or gentleman like you. Please note that the 7 day clock resets every time you stop/start and each time a new version is deployed.