Beep Boop is a ridiculously simple developer platform for Slack integrations. 👋

Host, deploy and share your Slack integration in seconds

A hosting platform for Slack integrations with turnkey build and deployments. Connect to GitHub and we'll handle the tricky stuff.

Pick whatever coding language fits your fancy

Your integration's source code is managed through GitHub and is launched as a Docker container, so whatever language or framework you prefer is A-OK.

Build notifications and customer support from within Slack

Our BeepBoopHQ Slack team is an active community of people passionate about building things on Slack. Have a question? We'll be there to help!

Grow your bot with auto-scaling

You'll never have to worry about running out of resources. We'll auto-scale your integrations so you spend less time worrying about it and more time building.

Here's what some friends have said about us... 😊

just set up a bot using @BeepBoopHQ and it feels like i have seen the future

Software Engineer at Pixar Systems

Want to build a bot quickly? Beep boop is out of alpha and is incredible

Platform Marketing at Slack

I must really commend @BeepBoopHQ for making it ridiculously simple to host slack bots

Software Engineer

Ready to rock? Let's do this thing.

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